saving democracy

New Book: New perspectives on what is happening to our democracy and what can be done to remedy the situation.

The Mission: Save Democracy by energyzing a unified grassroots citizens' movement to demonstrate the overwhelming numbers of people who are moving toward a democratized nation once again and are no longer willing to function in an oligarchic system which defines life in economic terms.

My Book - Saving Democracy:  The 2016 Presidential Election:  An American Watershed

The 2016 election brought America to a new watershed moment; will we continue under the domination of a neoliberal economic elite or will we find our way back to democracy.  This book shows how we got here and how we can take our democracy back.

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Saving Democracy is based on a deep belief in democracy, a faith in the basic goodness of ordinary people and in their infinite creativity and resilience.  It is about calling up the American Spirit and renewing faith in the American Dream.

A new perspective on politics in the United States.

  • What went so wrong?
  • How did we ever get to this point?
  • How do we begin to deal with it?
  • Democracy as an alternative.
  • What new focus will make that happen?

Saving Democracy is made more accessible because of story telling and metaphor.  Check out the Perspective sections with titles like:  “The American Oz”, “The Town”, “The Castle”, “The Wall” and “Learning to Spell”.

All aboard! This is an American Watershed moment. It is a time for a system change, from neoliberal economics to a more humanized and sustainable democratic system.

We are at the train station and must decide on the Dystopian Express to an unsustainable future or the Democracy Local to a inclusive, sustainable and humanized future.

What others are saying:
Congressman Rick Nolan: “R.W. Passi’s new book Saving Democracy is a remarkably important, insightful and clever must-read for all Americans who care about the survival of our Democracy”.

Tom Hanson-Chair, Minnesota Committee on Foreign Relations and international educator: “R.W. Passi has written a timely and heartfelt analysis of the challenges facing America today. His is an informed and thought-provoking voice in the citizen debate that underpins our democracy.”