the rest of the world

We must remember that we are only a part of the world and that the other continents and cultures, as well as the planet, are all connected to us.

Environmental Changes

We all understand about the importance of sustaining some kind of environmental integrity so that human life on earth can continue.  We all know that there is some point that can be reached in which human life on earth is no longer sustainable.

For some people the remedy is to find technical solutions to the problems which will allow us to continue to use and abuse the natural environment.

There are others who would put this all in the hands of some supreme being, beyond our control or understanding and who requires no responsibility from us except to leave it to the control of some higher power.

But there are others who look at the realities we see around us and, using the powerful human tool of science as a window into understanding what is happening…and perhaps find some ways we can, as human beings, help correct the imbalances that endanger our survival.

Even within a religious context we see a higher being who gave us the tools of intelligence and science to gain insights, and who gave us the responsibility of using our human abilities to work with nature to find a balance that allows our survival.  This presupposes a higher power who encourages empowered humans to find solutions.

In this nation, there is another kind of environment that we live in.  It is the political environment.  It can, and has in the past, been an environment that finds human solutions to human problems.  However, we now have a political environment that is dominated by wealth and power.  It is dominated by corporations and those who measure progress in terms of wealth and profit.

Often the view of this economic elite is limited to a usable and monetizable nature rather than a view that sees it as a necessary and important part of  a balanced human life.  Growth within nature is seen as increasing or duplicating profit sources.

This view takes all the interconnected life of nature out of the equation and sees no connection between human life and the natural world.  Nature is simply a resource to be manipulated and controlled to produce economic growth and wealth.

The result is that they miss the deeper and more significant realities of nature and its connection to human life.  Missing that connection they are sure they can survive whatever changes result from dislocations in the natural world.  If nothing else, they are sure that they will find chemical or technological solutions to keep the profits flowing.

Within that view of nature, there is nothing we really need to be concerned about, at least nothing that would trump the necessity for economic growth.

A rude awakening is coming and they will have to face the reality that their political environment will ultimately be irrelevant when confronted with the much more powerful, and real, environmental changes.  Unfortunately this lack of action, if allowed to continue, may lead to the destruction of the human race.

The real question is why we are willing to sit quietly and politely while those who have claimed this power over our lives, in the name of profits for themselves, gamble away our future and perhaps our very existence.

Will we really go quiet into that good night and allow it all to end with, not  a bang, but a whimper?

Bob Passi

Saving Democracy: The 2016 Presidential Election: An American Watershed


A new perspective on politics in the United States.

  • What went so wrong?
  • How did we ever get to this point?
  • How do we begin to deal with it?
  • Democracy as an alternative.
  • What new focus will make that happen?

What happened in this last election and the consequences for democracy are of great interest to the rest of the world.  How the rest of the world chooses to deal with us, or are forced to as an existential need, will effect us and our futures in this world.  This is about not only saving Democracy but also about providing a sustainable future for the planet and the peoples who live on it with us.

All aboard! This is an American Watershed moment. It is a time for a system change, from neoliberal economics to a more humanized and sustainable democratic system.

We are at the train station and must decide on the Dystopian Express to an unsustainable future or the Democracy Local to a inclusive, sustainable and humanized future.

Tom Hanson-Chair, Minnesota Committee on Foreign Relations and international educator: “R.W. Passi has written a timely and heartfelt analysis of the challenges facing America today. His is an informed and thought-provoking voice in the citizen debate that underpins our democracy.”

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World Issues

There are issues that cannot be resolved unilaterally or by simply imposing solutions.  They must be worked out cooperatively.  There are certainly some which are clear, climate change that will effect everyone, diseases, some new and some old, that cannot be contained by national borders, there are the issues of peacefulness on a planet we all inhabit together.