Democracy First

Christmas Gifts

We all look forward to Christmas.  We may like the time off.  We may like to reconnect with family and friends…and the food.  We may like the spirituality of the season and its focus on renewed hope.  But we all like the gifts.  We like getting them and we like giving them.

Even children love giving special gifts to their parents and friends.  We all remember the carefully constructed or personally purchased gifts they gave with beaming faces.

Gifts are meant to be free of strings or hidden cost.  Gifts are to be of real value, not in monetary terms but in terms of the generous intent behind them.  Gifts can only be true when they represent something meaningful and significant to us personally.  We give our love, our friendship, our time, our best spirit.

In giving the gifts we give of ourselves and are enlarged in doing so.  We feel proud of our willingness to give of our time, our emotions, our energy or our resources (whatever they may be, great or small).  And we expect our gifts to be received in light of that reality.

This Christmas it is time to remember to give a gift to that which sustains us - our nation.  We tend to forget that this nation has nurtured us for centuries and inspired us to not just survive, but to thrive.  What was so significant about this nation was its belief in democracy and the human benefits democracy provides for its citizens.

It was not meant to skew all its best benefits to an elite group at the expense of the ordinary citizens.

This year give the gift of your whole-hearted support to a return to democracy.  It can truly be a gift that keeps on giving.

Merry Christmas to all.