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  Now an author, Bob Passi has years of experience as an educator, and with clients as an empowerment consultant, guide, presenter and facilitator in the Midwest, as well as on the East and West Coasts…with a background in education, program development, career development, personal development and presentation in the public and private sectors, working with groups and individuals. Recently he spent a decade facilitating discussion groups in the Great Decisions program…a program of monthly discussions on American Foreign Policy He is adept at identifying issues, clarifying them and finding workable solutions. Although he has been writing throughout his adult career, the last decade has provided an opportunity to consolidate his thinking, experience and observations to write in more depth about the American political process, human development and empowerment.  He has contributed to print and on-line news media as well as producing a series of video blogs on YouTube.  His book, “Saving Democracy: The 2016 Presidential Election-An American Watershed”, incorporates much of his current thinking.  More information is available on his website: www.bobpassi.com. Bob says, “I have always had great faith in the ordinary American citizens, their ability to unify for change and their resilience, and also in the infinite creativity and transformative power of the human spirit.”

Saving Democracy:  The 2016 Presidential Election:  An American Watershed


Saving Democracy is based on a deep belief in democracy, a faith in the basic goodness of ordinary people and in their infinite creativity and resilience.  It is about calling up the American Spirit and renewing faith in the American Dream

A new perspective on politics in the United States.

  • What went so wrong?
  • How did we ever get to this point?
  • What is the underlying problem?
  • How do we begin to deal with it?
  • Democracy as an alternative.
  • What new focus will make that happen?
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