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   Bob’s world is a place in northern Minnesota along the banks of the Mississippi River.  It is a place to live peacefully and ponder what is going on in the world.
    It is a place to collect my thoughts and review my life and any lessons I have learned, any perspectives or insights I have stumbled across, or any bits of wisdom that might be of use to others.
    Writing is a bit like putting messages into the river on the off chance that someone downstream will discover them and, perhaps, find them interesting or helpful.
    Bob’s world in one of continuing curiosity, of finding delight and inspiration in the world and of honing the skills of problem solving and understanding.
​   This world is based on a deep belief in democracy, faith in the basic goodness of ordinary people and in their infinite creativity and resilience.

What's New

  • Beginning the Saving Democracy Mission: Please sign on with your email below, add this website to your bookmarks and fill in the comment section with your ideas.
  • "Saving Democracy" Book event at the Grand Rapids Library on Saturday, 7/21. Free and open to all. Meet the author and hear about the ideas of the book.
  • New blog "Something's Coming" and new video Blogs: "Understanding Change and Choise", and "A New Millennium". See bobpassi/YouTube link below
  • New article in "Picking a Scab" on "The World of Politics" page/
  • A new article "Community" ​​on the "Human Development" page.
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  • Articles available at bobpassi/

Saving Democracy:
The 2016 Presidential Election:  An American Watershed


Saving Democracy is based on a deep belief in democracy, a faith in the basic goodness of ordinary people and in their infinite creativity and resilience.  It is about calling up the American Spirit and renewing faith in the American Dream.

A new perspective on politics in the United States.

  • What went so wrong?
  • How did we ever get to this point?
  • How do we begin to deal with it?
  • A unified grassroots Democratic collaboration is the solution.
  • What new focus will make that happen?

All aboard! This is an American Watershed moment. It is a time for a system change, from neoliberal economics to a more humanized and sustainable democratic system.

We are at the train station and must decide on the Dystopian Express to an unsustainable future or the Democracy Local to an inclusive, sustainable and humanized future.

What others are saying:
Congressman Rick Nolan: “R.W. Passi’s new book Saving Democracy is a remarkably important, insightful and clever must-read for all Americans who care about the survival of our Democracy”.

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Available in paperback and Kindle editions.

Tom Hanson-Chair, Minnesota Committee on Foreign Relations and international educator: “R.W. Passi has written a timely and heartfelt analysis of the challenges facing America today. His is an informed and thought-provoking voice in the citizen debate that underpins our democracy.”